VFS1 Bipolar Electrosurgical Generator

An Electrosurgical Generator Designed for Complex Surgical Procedures

The VFS1 Bipolar Electrosurgical Generator by Valley Forge Scientific provides surgeons with premium bipolar electrosurgical performance for complex surgical procedures. Designed by the product development team behind three decades of leading electrosurgical generators, the VFS1 delivers reliable bipolar output and controlled irrigation for precise cutting and coagulation of soft tissue.


Asynchronous, aperiodic waveforms and low power output minimize current spread, providing controlled coagulation with reduced tissue sticking and charring


Integrated irrigation enables effortless flow control and continuous tissue cooling that reduces tissue adhesion to instrument tips


Rotary knobs and an 8.4-inch screen provide an efficient user interface with a carefully selected set of core features required by surgeons

Ordering Information

– C0840 — VFS1 Bipolar Electrosurgical Generator

– C0841 — Foot Pedal

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